For more than 30 years, American Board of Trial Advocates attorney Gregory Michael MacGregor has represented insurance companies and a wide array of other businesses involved in complex disputes, challenging cases involving complex legal concepts, and threatening factual narratives. These matters generally involve high dollar exposure, and require the utmost care and expertise in handling. Together with his partner, Sangeeta Madhok, and a staff of highly skilled, experienced lawyers and para-professionals, Mr. MacGregor has fashioned a remarkable string of courtroom successes, winning nearly 40 jury trials.

Mr. MacGregor, and—more importantly—his clients, believe that it is the threat of what will happen at trial that often generates the impetus for their adversaries to sue for peace and settle on terms favorable to his clients. Most litigators do not like to try cases and very few are completely comfortable in the caldron of the courtroom. Nevertheless, it is the lawyer who has no fear of trial, relishes his time before the jury, and has repeatedly experienced the exhilaration of the jury’s triumphant return, who can get the other side to abandon the fight before even taking to the battlefield.

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You put me through hell today, son. Wrung the sweat out of me in that chair. One of the worst damned days of my life. You’re tenacious, you’re bright. A dangerous adversary.

– Gregory Michael MacGregor, Deadspin

In his riveting courtroom drama novel Deadspin, Gregory Michael MacGregor explored the powerful impact that top flight trial lawyers have in high stakes litigation. The book, a work of fiction, drew as its inspiration the very real courtroom work that has propelled this firm to the top of their profession over the past 25 years. Mr. MacGregor record of success is a testament to the power smart lawyers who are also gifted story-tellers can have in the competitive world of business litigation.