Sangeeta Madhok, co-founder of MacGregor|Madhok, has been an insurance bad faith lawyer for the last two decades. Ms. Madhok was near the top of her law school class at Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York. A native of India, she is fluent in four languages. Ms. Madhok began her legal career at Pettit & Martin in 1994 working primarily with the head of its Litigation Department, eventually accompanying him to another large firm, Graham & James, where she handled insurance defense, construction defect and general business litigation work. She can cut through the most complex of legal matters, break them down to their essential facts and create a succinct, clear narrative that is easily understood by clients and juries alike. She is also known for her crisp, incisive legal writing. She has supervised and successfully litigated dozens of cases, winning several on summary judgment and serving as second chair to Mr. MacGregor in several jury trials, each of which ended with a unanimous verdict for the defense. Ms. Madhok is an integral component of the firm’s elite practice and impeccable record. She supervises every attorney at MacGregor|Madhok, devises the defense and discovery strategy for the firm’s cases, makes tactical decisions on a daily basis, formulates arguments and reviews all client documents for quality control. Ms. Madhok’s strong research, litigation and especially her exceptional writing skills, coupled with her calm and congenial demeanor even under the most stressful of conditions, endear her to judges, clients and juries alike.

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You put me through hell today, son. Wrung the sweat out of me in that chair. One of the worst damned days of my life. You’re tenacious, you’re bright. A dangerous adversary.

– Gregory Michael MacGregor, Deadspin

In his riveting courtroom drama novel Deadspin, Gregory Michael MacGregor explored the powerful impact that top flight trial lawyers have in high stakes litigation. The book, a work of fiction, drew as its inspiration the very real courtroom work that has propelled this firm to the top of their profession over the past 25 years. Mr. MacGregor record of success is a testament to the power smart lawyers who are also gifted story-tellers can have in the competitive world of business litigation.

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