Mr. MacGregor’s understanding of business litigation from a business perspective is an integral component in the firm’s litigation successes. Whether defending an employer against allegations of unfair trade practices, or representing the employer in recovering pirated material, the firm evaluates the options from a dollars-and-cents perspective. What makes more business sense – pursuing the suit or settling the matter? And what resources are best dedicated to which issues and aspects of the case?

The firm has represented clients across a range of business litigation matters, including:

Employer Defense Clients
Employee Piracy Clients
Trade Secrets Clients
What People Say About Us


Every day when we waited out in the hall for the trial day to start, we had the same discussion; what is Mr. MacGregor going to do today? Honestly, he is the most entertaining man I have ever met.

Juror, after Lazarovitz Case

The defendant’s lawyers were so organized, so thorough in presenting their case. It was easy to follow.

Juror, after Gibbs Case

I hate to say this but I think the case was over when Mr. MacGregor made his opening statement. Actually, it was over when we realized that every single thing he told us, every date, every fact, every letter, every conversation he told us about came into evidence exactly the way he said it would. You just knew that he was telling us the truth.

Juror, after Yavetz Case

I think it’s amazing that Mr. MacGregor seemed to know every single detail – down to the smallest point, of what the evidence was going to be.

Juror, after Gibbs Case

After he cross-examined the plaintiff’s expert, one juror asked, “Why doesn’t Mr. MacGregor have his own TV show?”

Juror, after Verniero Case