by Gregory Michael MacGregor

The novel’s protagonist, trial attorney Christopher Lang, was growing angry. He was obviously the object of a strong-arm attempt to dislodge him from the trail he was sure was genuine and he didn’t like it at all. “Mr. Lindstrom,” he said, raising his voice and sharpening his tone to avoid being cut off again. “You have your version of the facts and I know what the evidence will show. That’s why we’re in court.”

– Gregory Michael MacGregor, Deadspin

In his riveting courtroom drama novel Deadspin, Gregory Michael MacGregor explored the powerful impact that top flight trial lawyers have in high stakes litigation. The book, a work of fiction, drew as its inspiration the very real courtroom work that has propelled this firm to the top of their profession over the past 25 years.


Christopher Lang, high-powered litigator, has the case of a lifetime: a lawsuit against celebrated tycoon and presidential contender Russell Lindstrom. Lindstrom once designed a recreational airplane meant to be the jet set’s toy of the century. The only problem is that the plane, the Stormtree, has a fatal tendency to go into a flatspin–a deadspin. In the wrong hands, the Stormtree is guaranteed to crash and burn.

Christopher Lang is just cocky enough to think that in the courtroom he can nail a man like Lindstrom. But Lindstrom has connections in all the right places. The trail linking him to the Stormtree has been erased. And Lang has no idea that he himself is a pawn in a larger battle, a fight with implications for national security. His case crumbling around him, Lang must put his career–his life–on the line to defeat a man with his eye on the highest office in the land.