We have successfully defended an array of insurance carriers in more than 300 insurance bad faith cases, ranging from the deceptively simple and straightforward, to the complex and technical. These cases cover a wide variety of underlying insurance coverage and damage claims, including fire, smoke, water, earth movement, mold, earthquake, damage to artwork, and third party liability.

Our clients universally contend that they send us only the “hard cases,” the ones that threaten millions of dollars in potential bad faith and punitive damages recovery. And yet, through nearly a quarter century of handling such cases, no client of ours has ever lost a verdict for bad faith, attorney’s fees (“Brandt Fees”), or punitive damages. Yes, we do frequently counsel that a case be settled – another area where we have great expertise and a stellar track record – but the vast majority of the cases we handle are defensible and result in either a “nuisance value settlement,” a defense judgment through demurrer or summary judgment, or defense verdict by a jury. We have even had the extraordinary experience of securing a directed verdict in a bad faith case.

Our core group of lawyers and paralegal professionals have a remarkable 150 plus years of collective insurance litigation experience. Our clients know that this experience helps them in their business in a variety of ways. We do not have to reinvent the wheel; we built that a long time ago. We never encounter a claim, fact pattern or challenge that we have not already experienced, anticipated, and overcome, many times over. And the plaintiff’s bar knows our name and our work, a factor that, in many cases, directly results in a prompt, favorable settlement demand.

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What People Say About Us


Every day when we waited out in the hall for the trial day to start, we had the same discussion; what is Mr. MacGregor going to do today? Honestly, he is the most entertaining man I have ever met.

Juror, after Lazarovitz Case

The defendant’s lawyers were so organized, so thorough in presenting their case. It was easy to follow.

Juror, after Gibbs Case

I hate to say this but I think the case was over when Mr. MacGregor made his opening statement. Actually, it was over when we realized that every single thing he told us, every date, every fact, every letter, every conversation he told us about came into evidence exactly the way he said it would. You just knew that he was telling us the truth.

Juror, after Yavetz Case

I think it’s amazing that Mr. MacGregor seemed to know every single detail – down to the smallest point, of what the evidence was going to be.

Juror, after Gibbs Case

After he cross-examined the plaintiff’s expert, one juror asked, “Why doesn’t Mr. MacGregor have his own TV show?”

Juror, after Verniero Case


You put me through hell today, son. Wrung the sweat out of me in that chair. One of the worst damned days of my life. You’re tenacious, you’re bright. A dangerous adversary.

– Gregory Michael MacGregor, Deadspin

In his riveting courtroom drama novel Deadspin, Gregory Michael MacGregor explored the powerful impact that top flight trial lawyers have in high stakes litigation. The book, a work of fiction, drew as its inspiration the very real courtroom work that has propelled this firm to the top of their profession over the past 25 years. Mr. MacGregor record of success is a testament to the power smart lawyers who are also gifted story-tellers can have in the competitive world of business litigation.